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I think by now you all know how much I love writing sexy stories.  I have a few steamy ones here that I go back to again and again to read over when I’m feeling in the mood.  The Gargoyle is a particular favorite!  Whew, did it just get hot in here??

Even though I love writing my own stories, sometimes it’s nice to read what other people have written too.  Although I usually wish there were some hot pictures to go with them!  But with or without sexy pictures, I thought I would post a few of my favorite stories by Chloe Frost – a sexy girl I know who writes hot short stories and features them on Amazon.  Maybe you’ll read them at the same time as I am! 😉 (Click on the pictures if you want to check out the stories.)

The Gargoyle by Chloe Frost – “Kara’s abusive marriage is over after a strange, unexplained incident involving a gargoyle. Later, the gargoyle returns and saves her again, and this time he expects something in return. Fantasy becomes reality, and pain becomes pleasure for Kara. The dark and erotic encounter that follows changes her forever.”


Wicked Pleasure by Chloe Frost – “After Elizabeth’s husband Charles goes missing, she things into her own hands, determined to find him. She quickly finds herself in a predicament – abducted by two sexy vampires, and one of them turns out to be Charles! Despite her fear and shock, she is quickly swept away when they seduce her. Not knowing what will happen next, Elizabeth is powerless and has no choice but to succumb to their sinister desires.”


Wicked Torment by Chloe Frost – “Elizabeth continues her attempts to escape from the two vampires who hold her captive, one of whom is her husband Charles, now a stranger. They also continue to feed on her during sensual and intense sessions that leave Elizabeth drained and bewildered by her own strange desires. Her escape attempts anger the vampire leader, who orders Charles to punish Elizabeth. Furthermore, Elizabeth must swear to remain with them and cease her escape attempts. She must make a choice: to remain in captivity and surrender, or continue her torment…”


Mad Seduction by Chloe Frost – “Elizabeth is dying. She knows that her mortal life will soon end, and that the two vampires who have held her captive will be the ones to take it. Her enslavement has been one passionate (and painful) encounter after another – but how will it end? Will her growing weakness take her life, or will Alejandro and Charles take it for her?”


Naughty Business by Chloe Frost – “Lily, a feisty but ambitious assistant, decides to use her wiles to attract Paul, a successful businessman she works with. In her attempt to seduce him, they discover a mutual attraction, but Paul realizes her game and decides to take matters into his own hands. While his methods surprise Lily, she soon finds she is enjoying it. With the tables turned, Paul is determined to take Lily to a whole new world of sensual pleasure.”


I hope you check out and enjoy these sexy short stories as much as I have!  Let’s sit down in front of the fire and read them together… I’ll put on some lingerie… 😉

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