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Where to start?

Amy Amethyst

I guess it makes sense to start at the beginning… So here goes.  I’ve been kinky for as long as I can remember.  As a young child (no more than 4) I was already absolutely fascinated by spankings.  Although at that time I didn’t enjoy BEING spanked, I remember the thrill and the butterflies if I came across a spanking scene in a movie or a picture of the naughty act.

At that point I didn’t yet make the connection to sex, so I had no idea what the sensations were that I was experiencing.  I just knew they felt good, and oh-so-naughty.  By the time I was in late grade school I was writing spanking stories… I had several full 500 page notebooks stuffed with stories by the time I, sadly, burned them in shame at the end of high school.  I can still remember the pulsing I felt, and the wetness, that resulted from writing, and subsequently reading, those stories.

Once I hit college, I discovered that–shocker–there were other kinky pervs in the world just like me!  And that was the beginning of my wonderful descent into depravity.  My list of turn-ons grows longer by the day as I discover more fantasies to explore.  And why not let the world share in my fun?  So I decided to create this online fantasy world where we can all have fun together.  Although I don’t do a ton of webcam work anymore, feel free to contact me on Skype if you want to ask about a show or just chat about naughty things- it’s Amy.Amethyst1.  Come with me on my journey and let’s discover some new fantasies…

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