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I don’t think I’m alone when I say that rape is a very hot fantasy for me.  Not the real, scary as hell, am-I-really-going-to-die raped, because that would be horrifying. But the fantasy…  The sneak up, the take down, the struggle, the complete and utter vulnerability–it all gets me a-quivering.

Still, rape fantasy remains a bit of a taboo subject.  There are strict rules on my webcam and phone sex sites that forbid that sort of thing, despite the fact that it is fairly common fantasy fodder for a lot of women and men alike.  I suppose you COULD say that it can lead to the desire to commit real rape.  That’s rape fantasy on phone sex I guess, the gateway rape drug.

Anyhoo, since I can’t do much about that, I suppose I will just have to get off dreaming about it on my own, for the time being at least.  (Although I do sort of get around it in my webcam and phone sex adventures by just calling it really rough sex – hehe.) Here’s a story I wrote so that all of you can get off to one of my fantasies as well.  It’s a pretty basic (but intense) burglary scene, but still hot IMHO.  Enjoy! 🙂


The Burglar

With a sigh of relief, I drop the last of my clothes onto the bedroom floor as I climb into the shower. A nice hot shower sounds wonderful after a long day at work. After tying up my hair so it doesn’t get wet, I stand under the hot water, slowly washing my body. Just as I finish shaving, suddenly a rather loud crash alerts me. I turn off the water and peek out the bathroom door, listening alertly. After a minute of nothing I decide it must have been something outside, and I return to the hot water, closing my eyes and relaxing under the massaging spray.  Perhaps I might even have a little fun with the flexible shower head…

Suddenly, to my shock and horror, the bathroom door slams open. I scream as a man dressed all in black, jerks open the curtain and reaches for me. It’s too quick but I slap back, trying to shield my body at the same time, scooting to the other end of the shower. He has me trapped, and I watch a truly evil smile cross over his face as he shuts the water off and steps one solid boot into the tub, coming towards me. I scream again and try to fight my way through the shower curtain, with almost no hope of getting past him to the bathroom door, but desperate to try. He catches me easily, quickly burying his hand into my hair and jerking my head back, delivering several quick slaps before driving my head down to the floor and holding it there. I gasp and choke, ready to deliver another blood-curdling scream when I feel him slam my shoulder blades with his fist.

“You shut the fuck up you filthy slut! One sound out of you and I’ll make you wish you were dead!” His evil growl is accompanied by his hand reaching under my head and covering my mouth completely. In shock, I don’t dare even struggle, my eyes wide as I crouch down against the floor, his hand holding my head down. When he senses that I’m not going to scream again, he jerks me up, pulling me out of the bathroom and into the bedroom. Pushing me facedown onto the bed, he slaps my ass a few times, driving my face into the covers till I feel like I’m going to suffocate. I start to struggle from lack of air and he hits me even harder.

“Don’t struggle! You little bitch,” he growls at me through gritted teeth. “Where’s your jewelry? Money? You better tell me or I’m going to torture you until you do!”

Without letting me answer he throws me further up on the bed, still face down, and straddles me, pinning my arms. I breathe quickly, whimpering, as I feel him start to tie up my arms.

“No, please don’t tie me up! I’ll tell you whatever you want!” I cry, desperate.
“You’ll do whatever the fuck I want, you slut!” He ties my arms securely behind my back, then forces my legs up on the bed so that my ass is up in the air, my face still buried into the bedspread. I try to struggle out of this humiliating position, whimpering and begging him to stop. His response is to straddle me again, his legs pinning down mine, and reaches under me, fondling my breasts.

“I told you that you’ll do whatever I want, you cunt!” As he says the word “I” he emphasizes it with a horrible pinching twist of my nipples. I gasp, trying not to scream as he tortures my sensitive nipples. He starts back on the rope, tying my legs spread apart. I can’t see how he’s doing it, but the ropework seems intricate, and I am held extremely tightly and painfully in position, facedown with my ass humiliatingly exposed. I hear him stand up behind me, and I have the suspicion that he is surveying his work. I struggle slightly, trying the ropes, to see how far I can move. I can’t move almost at all. Dread fills me and I start to cry, begging him to let me go.

“Please! I’ll do whatever you want, just let me go! The jewelry is in the box out in the living room, my purse is in the closet! Please, take what you want but let me go!”

“Shut up!” He quickly slaps my ass, very hard, over and over until I’m struggling uncontrollably and crying out. “If you don’t be quiet I’m going to gag you, and THEN use your body however I want.”

He starts to explore and abuse my body, slapping and punching wherever, grabbing and pinching and twisting my skin, nipples, and cunt. I whimper softly. He goes quiet and I strain to hear him, waiting.

“Now I think I will use your cunt and ass properly, little slut!” That’s when I lose it. I struggle harder than ever, crying and gasping for air, screaming desperately. His hand clamps over my mouth, squeezing over my nose too, cutting off my air completely.

“You little bitch! How dare you? Apparently I’m going to have to gag you too!” And with that he pulls several loops of rope around my head, one side of which is wrapped thickly with a rag. When the rag is securely filling my mouth, he ties the other side tightly behind my head. With my screams sufficiently muffled, he slaps my face again, making my eyes water.

“That’s better. Now you better take it like a good little slut or I’ll make it much worse for you!”

And without any more warning, he suddenly enters my cunt with his huge thick cock. I gasp as he thrusts himself heavily into my tight slit, pounding his way straight into me. I feel like I’m being torn apart, his cock is so huge, and he doesn’t hold back at all! As I get carried away with the rhythm and it starts to feel good despite the horror of it, I pray inside my head a mantra, “Please don’t let him use my ass, please don’t let him use my ass!”

But soon he pulls out, pressing the tip of his cock against my tight ass hole. I start to cry and whimper and scream through the gag, struggling, but it’s only met with several sharp spanks and a tug on my hair.

“I’m going to fuck your ass, whore, and you aren’t going to be able to do anything about it. And I’ll do it as hard and rough as I want, and you better hope I don’t make you suck me off afterwards, you stupid cunt!”

And then he roughly enters my ass. I scream and struggle helplessly as he pounds and tortures my poor ass hole. The pain is nearly unbearable but my cunt and clit are throbbing from the sexual activity, and I can’t believe how turned on I am despite the pain and humiliation. Before I realize it, I feel the impending orgasm, and then suddenly it hits, and I cry out through the gag. It seems to go on forever, but finally he finishes, grunting with the exertion as he pounds those last few times into my ass. He quickly pulls out and I shake and cry, defeated.

“Awe, such a cute little slut.” He suddenly strikes again, spanking me hard several times until I am crying and writhing in wonderful, horrible agony. When he finally stops he puts his face close to mine, pulling my head back by my hair.

“Now, I’m going to untie you, then I’m going to leave. Once I leave this room, you count to 100 and don’t get up until you hear the door close, got that? Otherwise I’ll do much worse…”

Enjoy it as much as I did?  I thought you might. 🙂

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