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Erogenous Zones

How many places do you have that just the slightest brush of a touch instantly get you hot? Forget the obvious spots for a minute.   I can think of quite a few for myself: neck/throat, back of my knees, low back, ears.  There are so many nerve endings that our bodies are just one big erogenous zone sometimes.  In fact, one of the best things about exploring a new partner is discovering those perfect places that make them really moan. 🙂

Some of my faves:

Low back

low back


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This one just feels incredible.  Not only does it get those nerve endings down near your pubic area, it shoots tingles up and down your spine!  And definitely sign me up for getting kissed while he holds me just like that.


ear kiss

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Ohhhhhh yes.  If you ever want to turn your partner into jelly, just gently nibble and kiss on an ear.  Not sure why that area is so hot, but it must have some serious nerve ending action going on because it feels like you’ve just been shot into outer space if someone nibbles and maybe just super softly blows into your ear.  A little tongue is nice too!!


neck kiss

Mmm.  Now that is hot.  Just even grazing this extra sensitive spot is enough to send shivers up and down my whole body.  A little biting and you’ve got me in the palm of your hand.

What do you think?  Favorite erogenous zone?  Please share!

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