Amy Amethyst

Crazy Girl’s Night

Once in a while, I get the itch to go out dancing.  Sometimes a girl just needs some fun – and I’ll admit, sometimes a little crazy – girl time.  And Thursday nights are just so perfect for it… There are few places with cover charges.  So I texted my best friend Nicole and we made our plans.

I’ll skip past the beginning of the night, where we warmed up by bar-hopping a bit and met up with a few other girls to chat and loosen up with a few drinks.  The buzz was pretty good by the time we hit the dance club, and that’s when it started to get interesting…  We met a couple guys that Nicole knew, and we got busy grinding and swaying on the dance floor.  The hypnotic beat felt like it was seeping into my body as I swung my hips.  Grinding against the body of a guy I just met while watching Nicole pulse to the beat was so intoxicating and incredibly hot.

Clubbing and Dancing

When we finally took a break to return to our drinks, Nicole and I suggested that it would be fun to hit up a strip club.  Neither of us had gone to one in a while, and the guys were MORE than willing to oblige, so off we went to find some strippers to play with!  I could hardly believe it when we got there and the guys paid for all of us to go in the back with 2 strippers for a half hour.  And that’s when the REAL fun began.

As I sat back in awe as my new friend Faye began to rub her sweet body against mine, I thought I might pass out from the sensation.  Her pierced tits were heaven, her tight ass incredible.  And watching the girl who was dancing on top of Nicole nearly put me into a state of shock.  Even more shocking was when Faye began to rub herself between my legs and before I realized it I exploded in an orgasm!  I’m sure everyone in the club could hear my desperate moans as I shivered and molded my body into hers.

15 minutes into the show, the clothing was starting to come off.  I had never seen Nicole’s gorgeous tits before, and we both lost ourselves in the wave of sensation.  Each toast of champagne, each desperate rub, each soft kiss brought us closer to oblivion.  By the end Nicole and I were barely able to totter out of there, giggling arm in arm as we stumbled home.

And the last happy surprise?  This morning I discovered that Faye had gotten ahold of my phone and put in her contact information.  I think I know what I’ll be doing this Saturday…

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