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Awesome time on webcam today…

Just thought I would share a bit of my time on webcam today… Oh boy was it ever fun!  He set the scene–I was meeting him for the first time and I was going to his hotel room. He had instructed me to place a blindfold on as soon as I knocked on the door, and that when he let me in, I was going to be his complete slave.  I would follow his every direction without question.

I think most of you know how submissive I tend to be, and by that point he already had me quivering and we hadn’t even gotten started yet! He proceeded to instruct me to very slowly remove my clothes, with breaks in between pieces so he could inspect his goods and force me to further tease myself.  By the time the skirt and shirt were off my pussy was sooo wet…  And, frustratingly, all he would let me do was rub it softly outside my panties, getting me even more aroused and unable to satisfy my need.

When he finally gave in to my begging and allowed me to remove my panties and finger myself, I was in heaven.  He let me cum that way, then made me fuck not only my tight little pussy but also my even tighter ass… And I came several more times.  Listening to his instructions while not being able to see him was SUCH a turn-on… I can’t wait to do that again!

Webcam fun with Amy Amethyst

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