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Another hot time on cam

Yesterday was super busy!  There were so many errands to run and so much housework to tackle… I was glad when I finally got to relax and have some fun.  One of my favorite fun people to play with on my webcam site is actually a couple!  And two may be great, but three gets exponentially hotter, since there are so many fun things to try!

I started off playing with him, getting him teased and turned on for when his wife got home a few minutes later.  A sloppy blow job with my toy, a slow strip tease and having him watch me get myself off had him near exploding by the time she got home, and he instantly began fucking her mouth.  She was so hot; she got into it right away and eagerly finished the job.  By the time she had the chance to ask me what I had done to him, I was quick to tell her that although I had my fun with him, now she was MINE.  Good thing she agreed…

I was carried away on the fantasy as we described in detail licking each other’s wet tight pussies, getting into 69 position and teasing and licking till we both came again, eager to taste each other’s cum.  There is nothing like another woman, so soft and sexy.  By then he was ready again, and he joined in by adding his cock in the mix, fucking her from behind while I kept licking her sweet pussy and his balls as he fucked deep into her.  Soon he wanted another hole, and buried his cock into her sweet tight ass as I watched, delighted.  I could tell she was getting more excited as she eagerly lapped at my tight cunt and reached further back to tongue my rosebud, sending me over the edge into an incredible orgasm yet again.  I screamed and bucked as she kept going, tasting all of me as I came.

We kept going until all of us were thoroughly spent, lying there in ecstasy.  They are definitely my favorite couple to play with, and now that I wrote about it I think I need some more sweet pussy right now…


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